Scroll down and click on thumbnails below to access individual galleries, or use navigation (upper right) to explore galleries by category. All text and photographs © Andrea Wolper unless otherwise noted. Gallery names appear below thumbnails. If you want to reproduce or otherwise use any photos, I’d appreciate your letting me know, and crediting me. Thanks!   – ANDREA WOLPER

SatoshiSilhouette    P1030171    P1050818    P1040781    Jocelyn1   P1050254  P1060268  P1070356  P1060996  P1020345    P1070253  P1050697    P1060494   Tired? Hungry?   P1070109   P1050584    P1040959    P1050632    P1040472    P1050192    P1050911   P1050216   P1050356   P1090484    IMG_0992   IMG_1437

Clips, L-R: Marco Capelli Trio; Route 684; Vision Collaborations; There, Here; Jocelyn Medina Quartet; California Highways; BBMQ; Nashaz; Kettle Collective Spring Equinox Jam; Fire Island; The Four Bags; New York Road; Connie Crothers Quartet; Cape Town; Baudalino’s Dilemma; Latin Free Jazz I; Maine Coast; Latin Free Jazz II; There, Here; Assorted Selections; Downtown Avengers; Joon Lee Trio; Nebraska Mondays; Milonga; MillionsMarchNYC; Black Lives Matter

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Wishing you and yours a great 2014! This display is very cool, as is your desire for new explorations. Be well.

  2. Love your photos, Andrea, especially the nature views and the more abstract music ones. Also, to my recollection, nobody has ever before wished us “magic” as something to have in the new year. Thank you! And the same to you and yours.

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